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Make Your Hairs Free From Chemicals.

FOUR CHEMICALS THAT ARE BAD FOR YOUR HAIRS. Hey everyone🌟🌟 I hope you all are doing well💕💕  I am here with something that we all need specially girls.... so we girls love naturally straight, smooth and long hair and just because of this purpose shampoos,conditioners, serum and different types of sprays, hair creams and masks become very prominent part of our hair care routine... we all use these products for different purposes, like some of us use these products to control our frizzy hairs, for hairfall, hair damage and for many other purposes. There are lots of hair care products which makes a lots of promises to our hair and maybe they fulfilled all of them but somehow the usage of numerous of products damage our hair scalp so badly the chemicals present in these products cause a loss of natural  oil and nutrients. Below is a list of chemicals that you should keep away from your hairs.
SODIUM LAUYRL SULPHATE (SLS) Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) is a stuff which allows your soap or…
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few days back a Malaysian brand send me their products for reviews and i am using their products since one week and now I am here with an honest reviews.
COMPANY'S DESCRIPTION: "Nourish" is a newly launched Malaysian skincare brand, they supply variety of skincare products which are 100% organic and herbal. Products they were send: Spa cleaner + Mask.Perfect day tinted moisturizer.Multi Fit serumTwo toners ( herba , flora)Perfect fix (face mist) SPA CLEANSER + MASK:
It is super nutritious, complete "ALL YOU NEED" cleanser. It can purify, detoxify and balance your skin. This multi purpose deep cleanser brightens and hydrates your skin, it's also used as a makeup remover. Directions to use: Mix it with with water to lightly foam as a cleanser, massage lightly for two minutes and leave it for five minutes as deep detox brightening mask. My Experience: I am afraid of using any kind of cleanser because some them are very harsh to my skin so, I am very picky about clea…

Eight Most Amazing Skin Care Products

PRODUCTS THAT ARE SUGGESTED BY LOT OF INFLUENCERS The most common problems that we all are facing is skin problems. So today I decided to share some amazing skincare products that are loved by everyone and these products are everyone's favourite too.. I read lots of reviews about skincare, these are the products that are suggested by lot of influencers💁💁
PIXI GLOW TONIC: pixi glow tonic is enriched with aloe Vera and ginseng which gives you a bright skin and unique glow . MURAD'S WATER GEL:
Murad's water gel is nutrient-charged it drenches your complexion and it makes any skin type looks smooth and plump.
LOREAL PURE SUGAR SCRUB: This pure sugar kiwi scrub leaves you skin glowing and healthy.  IT MIRACLE WATER: We call it miracle water because it brighten up your skin and a radiance booster + anti-aging treatment + a perfect cleanser like it 3 in 1. GLITTER MASK: Just look at this!!! Glittery sparkling mask.... I just love its brightening. It makes your skin more…


So here is my first ever review!! My Experience with "Bajaj Nomarks Neem FaceWash" : During this winter season my skin become very dry and dull I got some black marks and pimples on my face so, I visited nearest herbal products store in my locality where I found "Bajaj Nomarks Neem Face Wash" and after some days I am amazed by the results . I am 99% satisfied .
  PRODUCT SPECIALITY : "Bajaj Nomarks Neem Facewash" contains encapsulated beads of "NEEM" that helps to remove excess oil, deep rooted dirt and especially it provides relief from sunburn, blemishes and it is perfect for acne and pimple problems. Organic Active Ingredients Present In"Bajaj Nomarks Neem Facewash" : This Neem facewash is enriched with organic active ingredients which are Neem, Lemon and clove. "NEEM 's" antiseptic properties act as antibacterial agent while "CLOVE" prevents acne "LEMON" protect…